Friday, August 1, 2014

Offer: Mulu (UNESCO)

My hometown is Miri, Sarawak (on the island of Borneo), Malaysia. I can get Mulu (a UNESCO site) postcards. I offer the following cards. If you collect UNESCO cards you don't have this Mulu card in your collection, feel free to send me a u2u on postcrossing forum, or you can also send me a message to my Facebook inbox. You can just send me any nice postcard in return. :) The card can be sent stamped and written, either from Penang (I currently live here) or Miri (I go back to Miri a few times each year). Some of you might be interested in a Mulu card with a Miri cancellation, because that's where Mulu is located at.

Mulu Pinnacles card with matching stamp (Standard size, 5 copies left)

Forest lined rivers, the Pinnacles, Pagoda flowers, layered tropical forest, Deer Cave
(Standard size, 0 copy left)

A & B: National Park landscapes, CL Abraham Lincoln profile
(Standard size, 5 copies left)

Entrance to Deer Cave, Profile of Abraham Lincoln in Deer Cave, Limestone formation in Wind Cave
(Not standard size, 0 copy left)

The amazing flight of bats from Mulu cave seen against the Lincoln Profile of rocks at the cave entrance
(Standard size, 3 copies left)

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